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Our repair kit has been precisely designed and manufactured right here in North-America. It securely repairs the common problem in the Ford Escape’s and Mazda Tribute’s heavily rusted rear wheel wells which often leads to the complete detachment of the upper shock mounts. If you have this problem, our product has been precisely designed and manufactured for you!

Thanks to our team, this repair kit is now widely available on the market to reduce the cost of this repair by 75 to 95%, all while improving the durability and strength of the shock absorber support in your vehicle.


Is this product for me? Absolutely.

Our kit allows you, or your mechanic to bolt in a new upper mount for the shock absorber directly on the frame of the car with ease. This bracket is precisely manufactured to hold the shock absorber in it’s exact, identical original position and offers easy to use techniques for sealing the vehicle against dust, stones and water.

Why did this happen? How can I fix this?

The result in the failure of the upper shock mount is caused by a major design flaw in the original manufacturing of the vehicle. After time, the components fail and allows the shock mount to enter through the floor of the car. This exposes a large and potentially dangerous hole in the wheel well of the vehicle.

Thousands of Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute owners have faced (or will soon face) this very serious issue on their vehicles. Other than our secure relocation kit, there is no easy nor simple alternative on the market, making our product extremely unique. Should you wish to repair your vehicle without our repair kit, it would require multiple hours of repair and could easily cost thousands of dollars to bring your car back to its original, safe state.

Did you know?

Without our repair kit, a professional mechanic will take up to two full days to complete the work for each side of the vehicle. Also, by repairing it with the original parts, the issue will continue to repeat itself, compromising the security and integrity of the vehicle.

Others have tried rebuilding the wheel well structure by welding steel sheets, but time tends to show that these types of quick fixes fail rather quickly due to weld fatigue resulting in failure yet again.

Our solution is not only simple, but cost effective, secure, and long lasting for your vehicle. We help you fix the problem at the root with a quality solution.

We are so confident that we back our products with a 60 DAY, NO-HASSLE, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. You’ll pay no restocking fee and we’ll even cover return shipping.

In addition to our guarantee, all of our products come with free shipping, and we ship on the same business day for all orders made before 9 a.m. eastern time!

Compatible with 167 different year-models
Model Year Model Trim Engine
Ford Escape 2001-2012 All Trims All Engines
Mazda Tribute 2001-2011 All Trims All Engines
Mercury Mariner 2005-2011 All Trims All Engines


BSS Products are manufactured right here in North-America.

Here at BSS, we’re proud to say our products are both developed and manufactured in North-America. We back our products by quality engineering, manufacturing and customer support and service.

Founded in 2015 with the initial patenting of our auxiliary shock mount repair kit for the Ford Escape and the Mazda Tribute, our company has been in constant growth to meet the demand of failing vehicles.

We are proud to say that thousands of cars have since been repaired by our reliable products with satisfied customers across United States and Canada. Our clients range from experienced mechanics who understand the benefits of using our high quality auxiliary shock mount as a cost effective solution, to individuals with no previous knowledge of vehicle mechanics. Our products are so simple that almost anyone can successfully complete the installation using our high quality, easy to use instruction guide which is included with every purchase.



We are so confident with both our product and after sales support that we back our products with a 60 DAY, NO-HASSLE, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. You’ll pay no restocking fee and we’ll even cover return shipping.

Will it pass a safety test?

When one of our auxiliary shock mounts is installed according to our precise instruction manual, we guarantee that it will pass any safety test. To the best of our knowledge, no such safety test has ever failed due to our products. Keep in mind, we have sold hundreds and hundreds of our auxiliary shock mount kits with no problems to date.

In the unlikely event it should ever occur, we will offer a 100% refund for the original cost of both parts, labor and  installation as well as a completely free re-installation of a new kit, at our expense. This includes labour in a nearby location and a new kit.

Why can't I see the same bracket on my car?

Our shock mounts are auxiliary shock mounts. This means that it replaces the function of the original shock mount (upper shock mount) but it does not have the same shape as the original equipment.

It is completely normal that you can’t currently find any such part on your car until you install one. It is not necessary to replace the large rusted steel panel over the wheel well, but simply to cut a small portion out of it so that the auxiliary shock mount can take its place over the shock tower and be bolted on the frame of your car, aside of the shock tower.

The portion of the frame concerning the mount is a horizontal beam, rectangular in this area, about 2½ inches large and 3 inches high, passing just below the original upper shock mount. The side of this beam is visible in the wheel arch, and this is where the bracket bolts on. The installation guide describes precisely where to position the auxiliary shock mount on the frame with ease. The goal is to attach the upper end of the shock tower (on the auxiliary shock mount) exactly where it was attached on the original shock mount.

Will an auxiliary shock mount affect the way the car drives?

Absolutely not. When the auxiliary shock mount is installed according to our instructions, the point of attachment of the shock tower to the car remains at the same, identical place. Our patent-pending design, principle, the thickness of the steel we use and our welding techniques make the bracket 5 times thicker than the original equipment. This means our product is much more resistant to wear and tear making the car even safer than before while keeping the same driving characteristics.

Our designs have been laboratory tested and every one of our products adhere to strict quality control prior to shipment. No amount of driving, regardless of road conditions can affect the bracket to a point where it could break. This is part of our extensive and rigorous warranty. If ever one of our auxiliary shock mount doesn’t make it to the end of the useful life of the car, we offer a 100% refund or replacement for free including parts and labour at a nearby location. We stand behind every one of our products!


All you need is 4 basic tools!

The most unique aspect of our kits is the ease of installation! Using basic tools and knowledge, you can DO-IT-YOURSELF, at home, in your own garage or driveway. In just about 4 to 5 hours for each side (installer with no experience), your repair can be done quickly following our simple to use step-by-step, detailed installation instructions provided with the kit.

Any qualified body shop or mechanic can complete this repair even faster, usually in about 3 to 4 hours of work for each side. All you need to do is bring our kit with our instructions to your trusted mechanic and let them do the rest, it’s that simple!



Drill with a ½’’ and ¼’’ metal bit.



Grinder with cutting disc and wire wheel.

Wrench / Keys

Wrench / Keys

Two 3/4”, One 9/16”, One 13/16”

Car Jack

Car Jack

Any car jack and wheel nut wrench.

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