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Bolt-on-frame solutions for rusted shock mounts
Bolt-on-frame solutions for rusted shock mounts

Save hundreds on labour costs.

Our repair kit will reduce the total cost of your repair by 75 to 95%.

On Escapes, Tributes and Mariners, rear inner fenders are prone to rust and extremely hard to replace when rusted out. On the assembly line, they are spotwelded on their edges to other body panels that are also made of thin metal. Thus, welding a brand new fender on a rusted body would only postpone the problem. Not to mention it is surprisingly impossible to find healthy metal for welding in most cases. This is why this complex repair often takes up to two full days of work when done this way.

Our solution is simple.

Our repair approach for rusted fenders and shock mount issues is different. Instead of replacing the fender, we’ll guide you through the installation of two components:

  • Our auxiliary shock mount (vehicle specific) made of thick steel, that bolts directly to the frame to support your shock ( see our online SHOP );
  • a fiberglass reinforced patch to rebuild the fender and seal the wheel well to prevent further rusting (materials can be found in most hardware stores).

Installation only takes 3 to 4 hours of labour per side, with basic tools and knowledge. That is a huge save on time and/or labour costs.

This problem is extremely common, and our solution is simple. We have been there to help people repair a variety of affected vehicle for years, and now is your turn. Satisfaction guaranteed.




We back our products with a 60 DAY, NO-HASSLE, 100% MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You’ll pay no restocking fee and we’ll even cover return shipping.

In addition to our guarantee, all of our products come with free shipping, and we ship on the same business day for any order made before noon, eastern time.


Compatible with 167 different year-models
Model Year Trim Engine
Ford Escape / Escape Hybrid 2001-2012 All Trims All Engines
Mazda Tribute / Tribute Hybrid 2001-2011 All Trims All Engines
Mercury Mariner / Mariner Hybrid 2005-2011 All Trims All Engines
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Frequently asked questions

Will it pass a safety test?

When one of our auxiliary shock mounts is installed according to our precise instruction manual, we guarantee that it will pass any safety test. To the best of our knowledge, no such safety test has ever failed due to our products. Keep in mind, we have sold hundreds and hundreds of our auxiliary shock mount kits with no problems to date.

In the unlikely event it should ever occur, we will offer a 100% refund for the original cost of both parts, labor and  installation as well as a completely free re-installation of a new kit, at our expense. This includes labour in a nearby location and a new kit.

Will it affect the way the car handles, rides or feel on the road?

Absolutely not. When the auxiliary shock mount is installed according to our instructions, the point of attachment of the shock tower to the car remains at the same, identical place. Our patent-pending design, principle, the thickness of the steel we use and our welding techniques make the bracket 5 times thicker than the original equipment. This means our product is much more resistant to wear and tear making the car even safer than before while keeping the same driving characteristics.

Our designs have been laboratory tested and every one of our products adhere to strict quality control prior to shipment. No amount of driving, regardless of road conditions can affect the bracket to a point where it could break. This is part of our extensive and rigorous warranty. If ever one of our auxiliary shock mount doesn’t make it to the end of the useful life of the car, we offer a 100% refund or replacement for free including parts and labour at a nearby location. We stand behind every one of our products!

How long will my package take to arrive?

Orders are shipped on the SAME BUSINESS DAY when passed before noon, eastern time. Buyers receive a tracking number automatically as soon as the item is shipped.

Free shipping and express shipping options are available. Prices and delivery standards will show on the “cart” page, once you’ve added one or more items to your cart. 

Requires only basic tools.

Using basic tools and knowledge, you can DO-IT-YOURSELF, at home, in your own garage or driveway, in just about 3 to 4 hours per side. Or, bring our kit and instructions manual to your trusted mechanic shop and let them do the rest!



Drill with ½’’ and ¼’’ metal bits (standard length)



Grinder with cutting disc and wire wheel attachments

Wrench / Keys

Wrench / Keys

Two 3/4”, One 9/16”, One 13/16”

Jacking device

Jacking device

Any car jack and wheel nut wrench.

Installation instructions


(Printed copy included with each kit, click to preview)



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